Pingsafe x Bombay Locale
A Fun Twist in the World of Cybersecurity
Pingsafe - Outsmart Hackers
//Outsmarting Hackers
Pingsafe a cybersecurity platform with built-in hacker intelligence, aids security teams across enterprises by giving one windowpane view for all the security threats. Founded by a renowned white hat hacker, Anand Prakash who has bug bounty awards from industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Microsoft, and Uber, Pingsafe is a formidable name in cybersecurity realm.
The Challenge
The challenge lies in capturing the attention of cybersecurity professionals and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of enterprises and doing so in lighter manner and non-verbose way while highlighting the gravity of the situation.
Magic of Storytelling
ApproachTo address this gap, we crafted a captivating narrative around hackers trying to barge into a company’s security and the cybersecurity team trying to mitigate the attack by using multiple tools.The multiple tools method often leads to ‘working in silos’ and causes misinformation.In a fun way, we introduced Pingsafe as the CNAAP platform suited for such threats.
Viral ImpactThe resulting film captivated the cybersecurity community on Twitter and Linkedin, Pingsafe's narrative resonated with the decision-makers and professionals in the cybersecurity space. It showcased offered a fresh perspective on everyday challenges cybersecurity professionals face, celebrating their extraordinary endeavors in a relatable manner.
The Founder's Cameo
A nice moment in the narrative was the cameo appearance of Anand, the founder of Pingsafe. His presence added authenticity to the story, garnering immense appreciation from the community Pingsafe sought to engage.
Acquisition by SentinelOne
Just two months after the campaign’s release, Pingsafe was acquired by SentinelOne for a staggering ~$100 million. While the extent of the explainer video's influence on the acquisition remains uncertain, it undoubtedly succeeded in attracting the attention of CISOs, making richer pipelines, and fostering goodwill within the cybersecurity community.
Pingsafe's journey exemplifies the power of storytelling in the realm of cybersecurity. By infusing humor and relatability into its narrative, Pingsafe succeeded in captivating a discerning audience and carving out a niche in a highly competitive industry. As cybersecurity continues to evolve, Pingsafe remains at the forefront, demonstrating that innovation and creativity are potent weapons in the fight against cyber threats.
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